Saturday, July 2, 2011

PTU Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful is made by me Shellez Creations and any simularities is purely coincidental
you nust have working knowledge of psp you may find psp here
I am using pspx2
PTU Scrapkit Pewter Dreams By Kissed By Pix find her work at TKO
Tube I used is By Keith Garvey psp11042 Nina Girl find it Here
Mask used sdt100 By Sharlimar find it Here or use one of your own
Or you may use your own
Supplies use here
Resize tubes
Pearl Flower 1&2 150x150
Pearl Flake 1&2 150x150
Piano 350x339

Ok Lets Get Started

Open Paper 2 shift and D close out the original open the mask and minimize
go to layers/new mask layer choose your mask check invert mask
then delete mask layer and merge group. resize all layers 600x600
add the garv tube or tube of choice, put it over to the right of your tag add drop shadow
add the pearl flower 1&2 to the left upper side add drop shadow
duplicate mirror on both put under the tube
do the same with the pearl flakes but put in the bottom left
add the piano in the middle add drop shadow
add dangle 1&2 to the left duplicate and mirror both
move down to the merged group layer
add new raster layer
use the selection tool/rectangle mode add/feather 0
make your selection around the left side of the frame
copy the garv tube and paste into selection/ select none
add drop shadows /mirror/duplicate mirror so it is in the right frame
then duplicate the left tube again and put it in the middle frame
add the Simply Beautiful word art made by me
add drop shadow/ put your name/copyrights,and watermark
resize and save as a png
that's it hope you enjoyed this tutorial
would love to see your results
please feel free to email them to me Here

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