Saturday, July 2, 2011

PTU Remebering Our Soldiers

Remember Our Soldiers is made by me Shellez Creations and any simularities is purely coincidental
you must have working knowledge of psp you may find psp here
I am using pspx2
PTU Scrapkit Patriotic Hearts By Creative Scraps By Crys find her work at TKO
Posers By MediEvil Creations which you can find here but this one came with the kit
Mask used sdt365 By Sharlimar find it Here or use one of your own
Or you may use your own
Resize tubes

Word art to 450 x97
butterfly 2 150x120
flag to 400x198
Copyright of MediEvil MediJesaka4 400x321

Ok Lets Get Started

open a new image 500x500 ,and the mask minimize the mask
copy paper 9 and paste as a new layer. layers/new mask layer/from image
find your mask make sure to uncheck invert mask data, delete mask layer/ merge group
copy and paste fireworks add drop shadow V&H 2 Opacity 35 and blur 5 color black
copy and paste butterfly 2 , image rotate left 40 put it in left upper hand corner add same drop shadow
copy and paste wordart add drop shadow same settings as before
put in the middle lower bottom of tag
copy and paste the flag place below the mask layer and ad drop shadow
add the poser or tube of choice drop shadow same settings
put your name/copyrights,and watermark
that's it hope you enjoyed this tutorial
would love to see your results
please feel free to email them to me Here

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